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Our Specialty Services

Creating Beautiful Smiles with Cosmetic Dentistry

Let Dr. Ishak makeover your smile using the latest cosmetic procedures!

Do you want a selfie-ready smile? You can trust the cosmetic experts at Premier Dental Studio of Katy! Our team can create beautiful, lasting smiles with professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and more.

Restoring Healthy Smiles with Dental Implants

Dr. Ishak can give you back your healthy smile with comfortable, natural-looking implants!

Do you want to restore missing teeth and improve your smile? Visit Premier Dental Studio of Katy today! We use implant dentistry to give our patients back their confident smiles and good oral health.

Transforming Smiles with Invisalign

Dr. Ishak is your top choice for clear, comfortable orthodontic treatment with Invisalign!

Do you want straighter teeth? Schedule your orthodontic consultation at Premier Dental Studio of Katy! We offer the comfort and convenience of Invisalign clear aligners to give our patients the smiles they’ve always dreamed of.
our specialty Services
our specialty Services

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