Dental Fillings in Katy, TX

Dental Fillings in Katy, TX

A dental filling is a standard procedure to restore a decayed or damaged tooth. A dental filling is a dental procedure during which a dentist will remove the decayed and damaged portion of the tooth, clean the affected area, fill in the damaged area with resin, and polish the tooth for restoration. Dental fillings can last for years but may eventually need to be replaced.

Types of dental fillings

There are different dental fillings, each designed to correct different dental problems.
– Dental inlays: Used to repair teeth with minor damage or decay.
– Dental onlays: Used to repair teeth with moderate to significant damage or decay.
– Composite fillings: A tooth-colored plastic mixture used to fix cavities.

Advantages of Dental Filling

Preventing the spread of tooth decay
Dental fillings can stop the spread of tooth decay. The decay can spread from the enamel to the dentin, and if left untreated, the decay will continue to the inner structures of the tooth, eventually causing an infection. With dental fillings, dentists can restore your smile and prevent further damage.
Repairing damaged teeth
Dental fillings repair teeth damaged by tooth decay. If left untreated, tooth decay can lead to cavities and dental abscesses. Once a tooth develops a cavity, bacteria can hide and multiply inside. 
Protecting your teeth from further damage
When a cavity is left untreated, it will continue to eat into the tooth. Eventually, this can lead to bacteria working their way into the nerve of the tooth. This can cause extreme pain and discomfort. It can also result in root canal therapy to treat the infection.
Dental fillings 
Dental fillings can be completed in one visit. The process is quicker if the treatment area is numbed with local anesthesia.  The dentist will first remove any decay from the tooth. Then, the tooth will be cleaned and prepared, which may involve removing some of the surfaces of the tooth if it’s damaged. Then, the filling is placed. Once the filling is set, the dentist will polish and buff the tooth.

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